10 important questions commonly asked in interview

05 December 2017

The biggest curiosity when going for an interview is - what will I be asked about? Although the actual responses to this matter are found only at the time of the interview, there are some questions that are commonly asked in the interview. If you practice their answers, then you will be able to answer with confidence and you will increase your confidence to answer other questions.

The 10 important questions asked in interviews and their answers may be:

What can you tell about yourself?

This is a common question for starting a conversation. Here the interviewer wants to test your own beliefs more than your answer. Do not reply in the answer with your name, father's name, or other bio-data in reply. These answers are already available to the social worker.

Answer briefly about your highest level of education, your job skills and your other interests. As such, I have done diploma in this field from ITI and now I am doing this computer course. Or, I recently got training in this field in a company.

What is your greatest strength?

Hardworking, honest, etc. answers may seem too common. Remember that in response to this question, say something other than the above reply. The best answer is: I like to meet new people. I am interested in learning new things or getting new knowledge, or I like working in a team.

What is your greatest weakness?

Do not ever say that there is no lack or weakness in me in answer to this question. The best answer may be that I am learning a new software, tool or computer program that I have not yet achieved proficiency in. Such answers show that you are eager to get high level of skill / efficiency and are ready to work harder for that.

Why do you want this job / why should I give you this job?

Do not ever say in reply to this question that I want to do this for the salary. Remember that this question is about the job, not about salary. Answer that I think that my education / skill is appropriate based on job description and / or I can implement my work efficiency through this job and improve it further.

What motivates you?

What is your current salary?

How do you control stress and pressure?

There may be many other similar questions like this. Keep your focus on the company and the job you are interviewing for while giving your answer.

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