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How Social Media Can Boost Your Career Success

14 February 2020

Social media - this term can mean ‘the life’ to some people whereas it can mean ‘a distraction’ to others. But, if the reality is to be put out, social media is really more of a boon than a bane in everyone’s life. The only thing that one needs to know about it is the appropriate usage of social media platforms. With the plethora of portals that are available today, it has, in fact, become easier for people to put out their thoughts. That being said, today, through the right social media platform, one can very easily boost their career as well. Wondering how? Scroll down to read the ways in which social media can boost your career success: -

1. Identifying the Right Platform

Like said before, there are a lot of social media portals that have come up today. Even social messaging sites are upgrading to be more of a media platform now. So, the first thing you have to do is identify and differentiate between the platforms that are meant for entertainment and the ones that are meant for corporate socialising purposes.

2. Creating a Corporate Profile

Once you have identified the corporate socialising portals, create a profile. Understand what kind of topics or aspects that social media platform deals in and strictly adhere to creating a corporate profile. Make sure that your educational qualifications, extra-curricular activities, awards and honours, and so on are listed properly. If possible, you can upload certifications if you have any. This will not only create a strong image if any recruiter views your profile but also give you an edge in case you get an interview call.

3. Consistency is a Must

For example, if you are a blogger and upload your blogs on your social media handles, make sure that you do them on a regular basis. This not only shows your consistency but also your creativity. Whether you are a designer or a blogger, the bottom line is that you have to be consistent on your social media handles to garner the right attention.

4. Get In Touch With the Right People

Another way how social media can boost your career is by interacting with the right people. You will come across a lot of new and experienced people from different backgrounds on social media. They will have creative ideas, productive topics, and so on and you can learn a lot from them. Having said this, even you can give your inputs and boost your knowledge.

5. Browse Social Media For Your Dream Company

Lastly, most of the companies have their company pages on social media nowadays. So, if you are targeting to join a particular company, follow their page and keep a check on the updates. In case you get an interview call, knowing about the company will be in your favour during the interview.

Social media doesn’t seem so distracting now, does it?!  

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How Social Media Can Boost Your Career Success

Social media - this term can mean ‘the life’ to some people whereas it can mean ‘a distraction’ to others. But, if the reality is to be put out, social media is really more of a boon than a bane in everyone’s life. The only thing that one needs to know about it is the appropriate usage of social media platforms. With the plethora of portals that are available today, it has, in fact, become easier for people to put out their thoughts. That being said, today, through the right social media platform, one can very easily boost their career as well. Wondering how? Scroll down to read the ways in which social media can boost your career success: -

How important is teamwork in your career growth?

Teamwork is a combined effort of a group to finish a task in the most efficient and effective manner or to obtain a common goal. Employees at a workplace benefit immensely by working together as a team. That’s because teamwork helps in increasing efficiency, distributing workload, improving communication, and creating a culture where every employee feels empowered along with a sense of belonging. If you wish to know in detail about how teamwork proves to be beneficial for your career growth, read on: -

Role of Body Language While Appearing For An Interview

Interview’ is a word that petrifies even the most experienced of professionals; one wrong step during the interview and the opportunity is lost. Preparing for an interview requires a lot of study, practice, and patience. Many candidates prepare day and night for their interviews but yet they get screened out. Ever given a thought to it? Preparing only for the aptitude test, group discussion, and improving your communication skills isn’t enough. Often neglected, one of the most important things that can turn the tables during the interview is your body language. Surprised? Well, body language tells a lot about your personality and attitude. So, it is necessary that you maintain a positive body language while appearing for an interview.

4 Ways to Make Your Workplace Safe for Women

Women safety has been a concern for a long time now. If reports are to be stated, every minute a girl or a women gets abused in India – be it physical, sexual, or mental. That being said, even workplaces sometimes turn out to be unsafe for women. Asking for favours to get some work done, for promotions, and so on is becoming a part of some workplace culture. And with the rise in crime nearly every month, the Government is doing their best to introduce policies that would curb such heinous activities. However, as an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that the women staffs in your office feel safe. Having said this, even the male employees and colleagues should contribute to making female employees feel comfortable and secured. Here are a few tips that you must and should follow, which will make your workplace safe for women.

Importance of Workplace Ethics

Workplace ethics are simply the application of moral principles and following set standards and values of behaviour by all employees of an organization at a workplace. Regardless of whether it is personal or professional, one’s ethics and morals help in differentiating between right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate behaviours. A good moral compass always guides in the right direction, and in the context of Workplace ethics, there are majorly two very important elements - Business Ethics and Workplace Policy, respectively. The latter includes all the rules, regulations and the laws that govern business operations whereas the former is more concerned with the actions in respect to customers and clients. Equal employment opportunity is a good example of a workplace policy whereas the use of marketing campaigns to better communicate with the targeted customers exemplifies business ethics.

Qualities of a Successful Manager

A good manager can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful team. If you are a manager who is not just in it for the pay-check and actually want to make a difference in the workplace, then you need to be a leader who positively influences the team. Whether your team has five people or fifty, being a manager is a role of responsibility. If you want to be an effective and successful manager, here are some qualities you should inculcate:

Tips to rejoin in your former company

There is a pretty high chance that your former employer may want you back. So, do not brush away the thoughts that are currently sprouting in your head about rejoining your former company. Going back to your former company may seem like a difficult task but it actually isn’t. All you need to do is follow certain tips that can increase your chances of getting rehired: - Get in touch with your old manager The first step that you should take after you decide to go back to your former company is to connect with your old boss. Do not email him/her or apply at the job position online but approach him/her in person. Meeting your old boss personally gives you more power because you get to control the narrative at that time.

How to Handle Telephonic Interviews

We live in a world of growth and progress, and a good career has since long been known as a great conveyor of an individual’s growth. With job opportunities increasing all over the world, these opportunities are no longer restricted by either political or geographical boundaries. Many of the companies and organizations today conduct telephonic interviews to short-list several candidates before they can call them for a face-to-face interview. In many ways, one can argue that a telephonic interview has several advantages over a regular face-to-face for both the candidate as well as the employer. The biggest argument being the typically shorter length of the interview and convenience offered to both the interviewer and the candidate. Some of the other important advantages of a telephonic interview for the candidate include remaining unseen, using a ‘cheat sheet' and cue cards as well as having access to the Internet. Here’s how you can ace your telephonic interview with these 10 simple tips:

Tips for success in the Group Discussion round

Group discussions (GDs) are used by educational institutions and several companies to assess the mental aptitude and interpersonal skills of the participants. They check the candidates for their ability to communicate their opinions and thoughts in a clear and persuasive manner. Also, many companies conduct GDs as a part of the elimination process in their placement drives. So, being technically skilled is not enough as you need to do well in group discussions too.  If you are preparing for the Group Discussion round, there are certain tips that you can follow to maximize your chances to progress to the next phase: - 

How to control emotions at your workplace

The occurrence of stressful conditions in workplaces due to staff layoffs, budget cuts, department changes, etc. are all too common and well-accepted; but what isn’t, is reacting to these stresses with strong emotions that might affect you and your co-workers negatively.

5 Tips to enhance your communication skills

Communication skills are the abilities to convey information efficiently and effectively. They involve speaking, observing, empathizing, and listening. Common instances of communication skills include communicating your feelings, fresh ideas, or sharing an update on something important. Having good communication skills is important in both personal and professional life.  Since effective communication is one of the most significant life skills, taking a step to enhance it will serve extremely beneficial to anyone who wishes to improve them. So, whether you wish to put your ideas across more effectively at work or need to have better conversation with people in general, here are 5 tips that you can benefit from that will help in enhancing your communication skills: - 

Tips to handle pressure at the workplace

Everyone who has ever worked in a job has most certainly felt the pressure of a stressful work environment. All jobs have stressful elements, irrespective of how much ever you may love your work! Short-term stresses can be experienced from the pressures to cater to deadlines or fulfilling challenging obligations. But when stress from work becomes chronic, there’s a high risk of it being harmful to both your physical and emotional health.

How does a recruitment agency work?

In order to find the right candidates for their open vacancies, employers hire a recruitment agency. These agencies find qualified people for open job positions and then screen them. They also provide support to their employer at the time of selection of the candidates. Hence, recruitment agencies serve employers and charge their fee according to the services they offer.  There are numerous benefits that a recruitment agency provides to its employer as well as the candidates. If you are keen on learning how such an agency works and what benefits it can offer, read on: 

How to Decide if a Job is the Right Fit for You?

If you have been searching for a job for a while, it may just happen that you might end up accepting a job that isn’t exactly best suited for you. It is very important that you take certain factors into consideration, apart from the job itself, as in the end, the pay-check won’t matter if you’re not happy doing your job!

Tips to improve your email etiquette

A lot of people do not give thought to what they are writing in their emails. They quickly type a response and click ‘send’. However, experts say that the manner in which you write e-mails impacts your reputation both at the professional and personal levels. So, even if you think you write perfect e-mails, you can always use some tips to improve your email etiquette. Here is a list of tips that you can follow for the same:

How to write an apology letter to your boss?

To make mistakes is human, but sometimes mistakes in the workplace can be detrimental to your reputation and, indeed, your job. Instead of trying to cover up your tracks and brush your mistakes under the carpet, or spend too much time dwelling on your slip-ups, you should take the honest path by first admitting and then apologising for your shortcomings.To make mistakes is human, but sometimes mistakes in the workplace can be detrimental to your reputation and, indeed, your job. Instead of trying to cover up your tracks and brush your mistakes under the carpet, or spend too much time dwelling on your slip-ups, you should take the honest path by first admitting and then apologising for your shortcomings.

Have Females Taken Over the HR Industry?

Way back in 2012, a study by Forbes stated that 70% of the HR profession is dominated by women. If you read through the lines, this fact is not without historical backing. But things are different these days. Although there are definitely more females in Human Resources worldwide, it’s more of the perception of the field which makes most men opt out of it. Most people are of the opinion that the role of an HR is more of a ‘caring role’ and that is why a lot of males tend to think it’s not for them.  

Top Vocational Courses in Demand

As the focus of the educational sector shifts towards skill-based learning, India is seeing a rise in popularity of vocational courses among students. Through these courses, students get the chance to learn skills that can help them explore new opportunities. Basically, vocational courses are job-oriented courses that help students learn the skills required for a particular job. Vocational courses and degrees can be pursued in a huge variety of fields. Plus, with the increase in popularity of vocational courses in India, several colleges and institutes now offer a wide range of vocational courses. Here are 5 of the most popular ones that students may opt for:

How ITI can help shape your career after +2

The Industrial Training Institutes, or ITIs, have been constituted by the Government of India, and come under the purview of the Ministry of Labour. Graduating from an ITI is very cost effective, which makes them the ideal option for a huge part of the Indian population. As the minimum requirements for education qualification is also not very high, people who have an interest in acquiring technical knowledge can easily join the institutes.

Jobs That You Can Apply To After Completing +2

Despite being popularised as a means to better careers, higher education is not always a prerequisite for getting employed in India. There are in fact various career options that people with high school certificates can consider, for earning fare wages within the country.  You read it right. Not having a college degree does not necessarily have to mean the end of your career. You can still get a decent paying job given you have what it takes to fit in a particular role.

4 Advantages of Working with Startups after Graduation

Besides the common perception that startups offer a lot of cool perks, you must know that working in a startup is much more than that. These days, many graduates opt for jobs in startups not for the perks, but to maximize their chances of learning. If you have completed your graduation and are still apprehensive as to whether you should go for a startup or not, here is what you should know: 

Pipe Fitter vs. Welder – All You Need To Know

If you decide to learn a skilled trade, there are several trades you can choose to learn from. Pipefitters and welders are two of such high paying skilled trades. These areas of expertise are required by many different industries from commercial and residential to manufacturing plants and oil refineries. But what exactly does it take to be one? We find out.

Skills Which Companies Look For In Their HR Candidates

When you apply for a position in HR i.e. Human Resources, you seat yourself on the other side of the table, transitioning from giving interviews to taking them. Because the job role of an HR executive involves employee welfare and handling any sensitive information of a particular company, this job profile is not for the faint hearted. If you are looking for HR executive or fresher jobs in Mumbai, Noida, or a city of your preference, you must know the skills that companies look for in HR candidates: 

5 ITI Trades You Should Know About

ITI (Industrial Training Institute) trades are designed for school pass-outs, and there are more than 100 courses available for the 10th as well as 12th class pass-outs. ITI courses are divided into two types, which are :- One year ITI courses Two year ITI courses

Key Skills Required in Digital Marketing Jobs in India

A job in a digital marketing agency would require you to multitask with expertise in different areas. You will need to understand the importance of adding creative and engaging value to the various digital marketing campaigns that you will be working on.

What To Wear In An Interview?

How to dress for an interview is often the most doubtful part of the job hunt process. Apart from how well you know the answer to the questions being asked, a successful job interview also depends upon how you present yourself. This is why a smart as well as pulled-together appearance is important to help in convincing the hiring manager that you could be the perfect fit for their company.  

Important Skill Sets That Can Take Your Career to Great Heights.

We live in times when the market is not only extensively diverse but also constantly changing. So, for anyone wishing to not just sustain but grow in this dynamic work surrounding, adaptability and utilitarian outlook are key qualities to possess. Whether you are a graduate looking forward to starting your journey as a professional or a young professional looking for better prospects, you will need to factor in significant qualities to your portfolio that makes you valuable as an asset. The more diverse and unique your qualities will be the better edge you shall get over others.  Among the most valued virtues that you need to work to gain, a few are –

How Can One Get A Good Job As A Fresher?

Finding a good job for a fresher in Delhi, Mumbai, and similar cities is not as hard as it has been touted to be. However, this is one of the main concerns of fresh graduates and freshers – jobs in Mumbai and other metropolises, and how they can find a good one for themselves. The first thing is that freshers must be prepared to put themselves out there, to make the calls, and to apply for jobs in various listings till they find the right one.


You are the one responsible for your career development. People whose careers escalate the fastest are the ones who know that competition always exists, and they take relevant steps in order to succeed and take full responsibility of their career development. In cases where you want your career to grow, you can always look for a job where you get to learn more and get to apply your expertise. For instance, you can search online for a job in states like Bangalore or for jobs in Mumbai for fresher’s to fulfil this purpose. Here is a list of tips that you can use for your career development, to let your career grow exponentially:


Unlike older times, students today are prudent and discerning, especially when it comes to selecting a career that they intend to follow. In the present scenario, where there is a plethora of career options available, it is the presence of qualities in students, like the aforementioned ones, that can go a long way in keeping them from getting confused.  


With the integration of technology in almost every field, finding job applications online is not that hard of a feat. You just have to search with the right parameters and you will be able to see a huge list of available jobs in every sector. However, despite the huge number of job portals in India, showing you job applications online, everything depends on you and your skills and how you do at the interview round; and that will determine whether or not you get the job. This especially holds true for a graduate or fresher, as jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, or other cities have a lot of competition; and as a fresher, you may not have as much experience in handling interviews or applications.


The Indian job market scene has changed drastically over the years. Although management jobs have existed since forever in the country, the recent hype surrounding them is simple extraordinary. Today students from all fields consider pursuing a Management course at some point of their lives. And if you think well, the reason is pretty clear too. Management jobs are everywhere, irrespective of the industry you are in. The increasing fame of various Indian Institutes of Management has also contributed considerably in popularising management jobs.


An insurance customer service representative provides information to the customers so as to respond to their product and service related inquires.


In India, so far, skilled work was learnt and done traditionally. Often sons learnt these skills from their father who was employed. But the need for proper training was realized for skill development in the past few decades. After the adverse impact on industries due to the lack of skill development, recently the Prime Minister Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) was started. The objective of this scheme is to benefit 10 lakh youth in four years (2016-2020).


There has been an unprecedented surge in the Indian economy over the last 10 years. This growth will continue and in the next 2-3 decades India's economy will become the world's third largest economy. One big contribution in this development will be skill based jobs because no small or big machines or small factories can run without skill based tasks.


The aim of an interview is to understand that you have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience for the job. During the interview you will have to make the interviewer believe that you understand the job description, are aware of the company's work, and are fully prepared to take responsibility for theposition in the company.


What is a Biodata? Biodata is a document submitted to employers/companies when we apply for jobs. With the help of biodata we can tell about our work experience, education/qualification and skills.

10 Important Questions commonly asked In Interview

The biggest curiosity when going for an interview is - what will I be asked about? Although the actual responses to this matter are found only at the time of the interview, there are some questions that are commonly asked in the interview.


If web metrics at the IFFCOYuva job portal are anything to go by, there are some definite trends in what people consider to be very lucrative career fields. For students who have just completed their school education, it can be quite useful to know more about the fields that are considered to be rewarding. That way, they can make an informed decision about what their next step will be towards building a career.

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