India's 10 highest skill based jobs

05 December 2017

There has been an unprecedented surge in the Indian economy over the last 10 years. This growth will continue and in the next 2-3 decades India's economy will become the world's third largest economy.

One big contribution in this development will be skill based jobs because no small or big machines or small factories can run without skill based tasks.

Here are India's top ten skill-based jobs:

Railway line fittings and maintenance

India has the fourth largest rail network in the world and it is still expanding rapidly. Indian Railways make big recruits and take care of the rail line and provide good salary package.

Aircraft maintenance

In order to connect small towns and areas, the Government of India has recently launched a flying plan. With this, there is a possibility of a rapid increase in the aviation sector. Along with this, there is a need of aircraft technicians to take care of ships. Its salaries are among the best.

Elevator / Escalator Fittings or Maintenance

Lift and escalators are increasingly being used in large buildings, factories, railway stations, airports, shopping malls and various places in India. There is a great need for skilled people to install and take care of them. Salary is also very good in this job.

Electricity Power Line Fitting & Repair

Electrification in India is spreading rapidly. In this case, there is a great need for skilled technician team to install and repair the electricity power line.

Steam boiler fittings and maintenance

Steam boilers are planted in steel, power generation and many other industries. Fitting and caring for these vapor boilers is a major responsibility for which skilled craftsmen are required.

Apart from this, there are some other skill based jobs whose salary packages are quite good:

Electrical Equipment Fittings & Maintenance

Oil Drilling Equipment and Rotary Drill Operators

Micro Machines & Equipment Manufacturers

Skilled Construction Workers

Heavy machinery operators

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