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SEM Manager


ଆବେଦନ ପାଇଁ ଶେଷ ତାରିଖ: 31 Dec ' 19

Job Description

  • Location: Gurgaon
-Proficient in Google Adwords, Adwords Editor,Yahoo Sponsored Search, MSN, Facebook paid LinkedIn paid ads
-Knowledge of emerging new social media.
-Knowledge of Bid & Budget management,Keyword advertising, Competitor analysis,Conversion analysis, Geographical targeting, Quality.· Score
-Performance reporting, Spend, CPA, CTR, ROI analysis.
-Expert in campaign setup & management for multiple clients.
-Experience of managing monthly budgets in excess of INR 50 lakhs
-Proficient in managing clients in multiple domains like education, real estate,travel & hospitality, tech support etc.
-Proven ability to lead a team.
-Exposure of campaigns running in multiple geographies like India, USA etc.
-Certified Google Adwords Professional.
  • ଦରମା (₹): As Per Industry
  • ଅଭିଜ୍ଞତା (ବର୍ଷ) 4 to 6
  • କାର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପ୍ରକାର: Full Time
  • ଲିଙ୍ଗ: No preference
  • ଶିକ୍ଷା: Graduate / Diploma

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